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Do you know what the Bundoran Community Centre do?

If you are passing by the Main Street in Bundoran and spot a big yellow door… PLEASE WAIT, don't come in until I tell you what happens here.

We are here since 2016 offering a variety of programs and activities available for people of all ages and abilities to engage in.

Every Tuesday, at 12pm, we have a program called Seafront Strollers. A good opportunity, for who are new to walking and just want to take their time and stroll around the promenade. This group is great to get out for fresh air, meet new people and to have a chat and a cuppa after.

Here, we like to look after our coastal environment and run Bundoran Clean Coasts. Once a month, all year round, we do a clean up of our local main beach & surrounding pathways – a great way to get out in the fresh air, clean our environment, meet others, and enjoy a cuppa afterwards here. Get in touch if you would like to become a member of Bundoran Clean Coasts.

During the year we occupy our spaces with classes in yoga, dancing, knitting, arts, language classes, kids’ camps and so much more. Follow us on Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated on the beginning and end of each activity.

We have services like printing, photocopying, laminating, Citizens Information Services and Regional Employment Supports.

If you need a space to work, that is very close to the beach, so you don't miss a single minute of your vacation, we have a coworking space as well.

Also, The Magh Ene Historical Society Museum is hosted here and we have a great collection that helps us tell a little of the beautiful story of Bundoran.

So, if you are passing by the Main Street in Bundoran and spot a big yellow door… PLEASE COME ON IN and visit us. This is just a snippet of what we do……

Everyone is welcome here; we love diversity and everything it teaches and offers us.

See you soon!

Bundoran Community Centre team

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